Hotwives, Bulls and Cuckolds

Here is a comment someone left on my blog - I like it:

The way it started for me was I started becoming friends with a new guy at work - James. We are about the same age (40) but he is totally buff and in great shape. We decided we should go to the gym and workout together, we did and when we went to hit the shower and were stripping off our gym clothes, I could see his jock strap was really bulging and as he stripped it off, out popped the biggest longest thickest uncircumcised cock I have ever seen on a man.

 We all know cock sizes and he was 10inches when limp, he was shaved clean from asshole to belly button too. My little limp 4inches felt even smaller as we walked to the shower.  I stared at his long uncut cock swinging between his tight thighs and he was smiling about me and every other man in the locker room staring at his manhood. When I got home I could not help but tell my wife how hung the new guy at work was. Well we had him over for dinner that Saturday night and after a few drinks we decided to hot tub. James is not shy about showing his horse size cock off and he just stripped down and when my wife saw his uncut cock hanging 3 times as long as her husband’s she just knelt down and looked at me and said “I have got to have this!!” The next thing I knew James had a full on boner which was almost a full 12 inches long with his foreskin still covering his cock head and just his piss slit showing.

My wife bent over the hot tub and James proceeded to sink his big black 12 inches of cock up my wife’s white pink tight pussy until she was screaming with pleasure. I just stood there and beat off my hard little white uncut 5.5incher now I regularly watch and help my wife with James and all the hung bulls he has brought along with him to pleasure my hot wife!
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