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I can never find stories about cuckolds that I love, so I have started writing my own stories. Can you let me know if I should continue, if you like what I have written and any other constructive criticism.

This is a story that currently has no title and this is the first part of Chapter one, let me know what you think?


She was a woman of many laughs. Her usual laugh was so pleasant and uplifting - almost musical. It was always a pleasure to hear and made people feel special. There was the single "HA!" with a slight tonal lift right near the end. This was used to respond to amusing stories of people getting their own backs on someone. She also had her shy giggle, but none of these were her real laugh. This was the one she was most embarrassed about. When she found something so funny that she could not help laughing she sounded like a pig at a banquet! She would snort on each intake of breath and the more she laughed the more people around her laughed, because it was just so infectious.

She was laughing now, but it was a laugh he had never heard before. It was low and throaty, sexual, like a cat on heat. It conjured up all sorts of delightfully vivid images which was accompanied with a slight feeling of panic as he was nowhere near her, and something or someone had elicited this most provocative laugh from her. Just hearing her laugh like that had caused a certain member to twitch in response. Michael quickly scanned the shoppers around him looking for Sarah. They had been in the mall for hours and he had wondered off, bored of shopping, to idly look at the wares. He heard her laugh again, somewhere to his left, he looked and saw a shoe department and made a beeline for it. As he came around the last isle he saw Sarah sitting on a bench with a man kneeling before her, helping her put on a shoe. She was leaning back submissively looking down at the shop assistant, who happened to be a rather good looking man in his forties. Her leg was bent at the knee and slightly raised, he sun dress had ridden up slightly exposing her fantastic legs. Sarah was a big girl. Six foot tall with long muscular legs and a very generous chest. She was slightly plump which suited her down to the ground. Her body was all woman and many men would turn to look at her as she walked down the road. She had beautiful long brown hair and a couple of freckles on her nose, with big green eyes. Her lips were full and naturally deep red, she was tanned a beautiful golden brown and looked amazing in her yellow sun dress.

The assistant had just said something as he slipped the shoe on and she let out yet another throaty laugh. Michael approached them and Sarah looked up "Hey gorgeous! What do you think of these shoes?" she asked. The assistant looked up quickly, smiled uncomfortably and looked down again. "They look great" Michael said. They were black high heels with lots of straps, they reminded Michael of Roman sandals, which suddenly made him imagine her in a toga that was too small for her, naked underneath. "John, was just saying how fantastic they made me look" Sarah said looking at the assistant. "He said that mine were the best legs for these shoes!". The shoe assistant John suddenly looked like a rabbit caught in headlights and Sarah let out her musical laugh. Michael felt sorry for John as he knew Sarah was teasing him mercilessly. "You are absolutely right, John" Michael said "but the shoes would look fantastic if she was wearing shorts, you don't get the full picture in this outfit". John nodded eagerly "Yes, yes - if she was wearing shorts you would definitely see how they complimented her legs". Sarah stood up to admire the shoes in the mirror. "Why don't you lift your dress up so we can see?" Michael teased. Sarah, without a moments hesitation, lifted her dress right up to her crotch, whether or not she realised that they could both see the first inch of her white panties was any ones guess. Michael and John just stared, both were speechless. Her long tanned legs looked fantastic and her panties were stretched tight over the lips of her pussy. Michael felt a rush of sexual adrenaline flow through him. John was again looking like a rabbit in headlights. Sarah laughed and dropped her dress back down. "So?" Sarah asked looking at Michael. "We'll take 'em" Michael said enthusiastically, he felt really weird, like he had just done some dangerous stunt, he could feel adrenaline coursing through his body and felt like he had no idea what to say. John didn't look like he was doing too well either. He dropped the shoes, dropped the box, tripped, stuttered and seemed completely distracted. Sarah, on the other hand was bright, cheerful and talkative. She oozed confidence. Michael paid for the shoes and Sarah turned towards the assistant, "Thanks so much for your help!" she said. "It was an absolute pleasure" said the assistant with feeling, "Do come back again!". "You can count on it, handsome!" Sarah said in a husky voice as she turned away. Michael and John just stared uncomfortably at each other for a second until Michael jolted himself away and trotted after Sarah.

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