My wife's Hot Massage story

I have always loved to watch my Hot wife in action.My fantasies about my wife have taken a turn towards Wife massage in recent times.So,I planned to arrange a happy ending massage for my lovely and sexy wife.Although,she didn't like the idea but when I insisted upon,she got agreed for massage but in my presence.I was happy that my traditional wife would be in action with some other man on bed.I started searching a suitable masseur for my Hot Wife on internet as local massage spas are very rare in our country.
After searching for a few days,my Wife sharing fantasies have found a suitable man.He was a guy in his mid twenties.I asked him for further details and photos.He sent me a few photos including his penis.I was amazed to see his size as he was much bigger and fat than mine.He also added his expertise that he can lick deep,suck my tool as well.I was too happy to find a suitable guy who will be screwing my wife and sucking my tool meanwhile.It  could be an awesome session.So,I called my wife to have a look upon photos and made up the final plan.

Finally,we got agree for a happy ending massage and if things work well,we can go further.I selected Sunday to have a weekend session at my vacation flat.On Sunday,my wife prepared herself for the event and she looked sexiest than ever.I praised her beauty and she liked that.We went to our flat and started waiting for the guy.I have given him the address of my flat already.He arrived right on time.He was almost in his 25th year and looked very nice.His muscular body impressed me a lot.
After a formal introduction,I asked him to carry on and my Hot Wife changed her dress as well.She was lying on floor as there was no Massage bed in our flat.The masseur started from her hands and feet.He softly went onto her shoulders while rolling his fingers just along my wife's entire back.He unhooked her bra to the sides.While rolling his fingers upward and downward,he just kissed his fingers with my wife's breasts from sideways.The soft touching of his fingers made me really hot.I was watching all this and my penis was getting longer as the time was passing.

Finally,I couldn't control more so I got up and went near my wife.I started caressing her hairs as he continued to massage her back.My wife started moaning as i pushed her hand onto my tool.He asked my wife to turn around so that he can massage her front area.My wife changed her position while exposing her large breasts to the masseur.These were the best moments of my Wife Sharing lifestyle.He rolled his hands onto her breasts while inserting them into her bra and rubbing her breasts nicely.I have seen a bulge in his underwear as well.
I asked him to remove his underwear without any hesitation.He quickly obeyed my instruction and went off clothes soon.Now his large and fat tool was also touching my wife's legs while he was massaging her breasts.After a breast massage he went straight into pubic area massage.He rubbed my wife's pubic areas and poured some oil right on her vaginal line.My wife was moaning loud and clear so I un-zipped my pants and inserted my tool in her lips.She started licking my shaft and the tip while i held masseur's tool and placed it on my wife's love hole.

He pushed it in and she moaned loudly.As he started slow moves with his large tool,she started enjoying more while sucking me wild.He hit her deep along the massage and her feeling revealed that she was enjoying that.This session of hot wife stories went on for hour at least when I asked him to screw her fast.He finished the massage and started screwing my wife fast.I got up and as per plans,I asked him to perform and oral along the that.He held my tool and started sucking it while screwing my wife.

It was probably the best feeling of my life.Soon,I was onto the peak point.I pulled my tool out and sprinkled all my loads onto his face.When I spread my hot loads on his face,He was out of control and soon he exploded all his loads on my Hot Wife's belly.After than we all smiled and when I looked at the clock,it was almost 2 hours since the Wife Massage session started.I paid him the money and thanked him for providing us a nice fun time.Later on,my wife expressed her feelings about the happy ending massage.She had enjoyed it very much and I hope that readers had also enjoyed my Wife Massage Stories

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