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Why Do Husbands Share Their Wives?

We are analyzing a critical question that "Why Do Husbands Share Their Wives?"The wife swapping fantasy often leads to Wife sharing and why this happens.This is a reality based article about Hot wife and husbands.The real Wife lovers have shared their thought about Wife Sharing lifestyle and everything which leads them towards sexual satisfaction.The thought behind this post is to explain the real scenarios behind this wonderful lifestyle and also to bring the facts for husbands and Hot Wives.No doubt,sharing a beautiful hot wife with some other guy brings the best sexual satisfaction for the majority of broad-minded couples.If both partners are willing to adopt this lifestyle,they can enjoy the wonders of sex involving wife without disturbing their married life.couples can enjoy these hot wife stories without any hesitation.See the comments of wife sharing Husbands and wives below.

Dano,Husband From Qatar;
I want to watch my Hot wife having sex with another man and I have no desire for a guy whatsoever.I think it's because I want confirmation she is still hot and desired by others.Of course she will enjoy the sex but she has told me she wouldn't do it.If she does,then she thinks I will want her to do her girlfriend next or the mailman.....she did say she would gladly bang George Clooney or Brad Pitt though.


Maria;A wife from USA
My husband shares me and has since we were married six years ago.I still love him and he loves me.I think for some men its a control thing.And for others its like Dano said," it confirms that they're still hot and desirable"

Mrs Gruce;A Hot wife From Russia
I had better move south,sex is sex and love is love if I want to try another guy and my husband wants to watch good on us,We have had a threesome with two girls so maybe it's my turn.I know my husband loves the thought that other men still think I'm sexy.My husband wants me to try a black guy.

John;A Wife Sharing husband from London
I love to see my wife getting banged by another guy.The truth is that I love to see different tools every week.I was a gay throughout my life before marriage.Hence,my love for a nice tool is on extreme.I love holding a man's tool in my hand and then pushing it inside my wife with my own hands.I am not sexually UN-fit.I am well-endowed as well.The reality is simple that I love to see other tools as well.I am also thankful to my Hot wife who helps me in fulfilling my fantasies.We are living a happy life with one baby(My own baby).

Shahid;Wife swapping Pakistani husband
Well,to be very true,Its a very tough going in Pakistan when you talk about wife swapping.The community has such couples but search is very important.If someone knows that we are such a couple,our life would be in curtains.To be frank,By sharing my wife with any other husband or boy I get an opportunity to enjoy another woman as well.every week,we try to have a couple at our home and enjoy a full four some action by swapping pairs.So far,I have enjoyed 7 women/Girls by sharing my single wife and it is not a deal of loss.

Eric;Turkey husband
My fantasies were slightly different from you people.I simply wanted to watch my hot wife being massaged by another man.I do prefers young man.I wanted to see how my wife feels if some teen guy touches her breasts and then licks her down inside.Believe me,I really got enough in this session of wife Massage.I would share my wife Massage stories here so that you people can also enjoy my hot wife.

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